Startect Quick Facts


A New Class of Anthelmintic. A Novel Combination.

STARTECT® is a powerful new drench enabling sheep farmers to manage worms and combat resistance with confidence.  STARTECT is a unique combination of derquantel, a completely new active, with abamectin.


With STARTECT as part of your drench programme you can:

  • Maximise live weight gains in your lambs
  • Minimise days on farm to reach target weights
  • Combat resistance

Used as part of  a worm management programme STARTECT gives you the answer to developing an effective and sustainable worming programme so you can improve the profitability of your farm now and into the future.

Broad Spectrum Oral Combination Drench for Sheep

For the treatment and control of a broad range of susceptible adult and immature (L4) gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep, including those resistant to macrocyclic lactones (ML), levamisole/morantel (clear), benzimidazoles (white) and closantel-based drenches, and combinations of these. For the treatment and control of lungworm, nasal bot and itch mite.

  • Pack Size - 15 L, 5 L and 1 L containers
  • Dose - 1 mL per 5 kg
  • Doses per pack

Sheep Litres


  • Withholding periods - Meat: 14 days  Milk: 35 days
  • Administration - STARTECT is a ready-to-use oral solution.  Administer with a STARTECT STV drench gun or a standard drench gun with silicone seals
  • Safety - STARTECT is well tolerated up to 3x the dose.  Sheep may cough
    immediately following drenching

STARTECT is manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand sheep farmers.

Visit your local vet to get STARTECT this season.

The future of worm control starts here.