A Sustainable Combination.


With its unique mode of action and powerful combination of derquantal and abamectin, STARTECT® is an effective anthelmintic for now and into the future.

  • History has shown that resistance to single active anthelmintics can develop rapidly
  • Combination products delay the development of resistance and improve efficacy
  • The best time to use a combination drench is before resistance develops to the actives^
  • STARTECT is the first combination anthelmintic containing a new active that has not previously been exposed to worms as a stand alone product

This means STARTECT has no pre-existing selection of resistant worms, setting it apart from other combinations that have been developed to manage existing or emerging resistance problems.

This innovative drench will delay the development of resistance to both abamectin and derquantel and extend the useful life of existing drench classes when integrated with sustainable worm treatment and management practices.

^ Leathwick DM. Managing Drench Resistance in Sheep Parasites. Proc 34th Annual Seminar, Society of Sheep & Beef Cattle Veterinarians NZVA, 2004.

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