Fight Resistance

The High Cost of Worm Resistance.

For years, farmers have relied heavily on anti-parasitic drugs (anthelmintics) to control internal parasites among sheep; unfortunately, parasites have become increasingly resistant to many of these drugs.

Using STARTECT® in an appropriate worm management programme will help maximize productivity potential.


  • The high cost of parasitism to New Zealand sheep farmers is estimated to be $300 million per year in decreased production and drench use, with resistance costing an additional $20 million3.
  • Not so well recognized is the cost of using an ineffective drench or subclinical parasitism at an individual farm level.  A 10% loss in productivity could cost farmers $10 per lamb*
  • In todays sheep operations the cost of this subclinical parasitism can mean the difference between profit and loss.
  • A recent New Zealand study estimates the presence of anthelmintic resistance resulted in a 14% reduction in carcass value**
  • STARTECT is effective against anthelmintic resistant nematodes minimizing losses associated with subclinical parasitism.
  • Irrespective of the level or type of drench resistance on a property, farmers can expect STARTECT to eliminate worm burdens as a production limiting factor.

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3 Risk factors of drench resistance in sheep; January 2008 - Issue 4, Wormwise
*Based on Farmax calculations, Baker & Associates Lamb price $4.70/kg
**The production costs of anthelmintic resistance in sheep managed within a monthly preventive drench programme; I.A. Sutherland, J. Shaw, R.J. Shaw. Veterinary Parasitology (In press).

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