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When Should I Use STARTECT® ?

One option to optimise the benefits of STARTECT® is to treat 2-3 times early in your lamb drenching programme to maximise growth potential.

STARTECT can also be used strategically as a quarantine or exit drench to maximise parasite control.

As with any work management programme, guidelines proposed by Wormwise® should be adopted. Regular drench testing is recommended.

Speak to your veterinarian or animal health advisor to get advice on how best to integrate STARTECT into your drench programme

drenchgun.jpgAdministration - STARTECT is a ready to use oral solution. Administer with a STARTECT STV drench gun or a standard drench gun with silicone seals.

Safety - STARTECT is well tolerated up to 3x the dose. Sheep may cough immediately following drenching.



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