Unmatched Efficacy

Why STARTECT® Is More Effective.

  • no-worms-sign_lowres_short.jpgSTARTECT is the first combination anthelmintic containing a new active that has not previously been exposed to worms. Other combination products had emerging resistance to the actives before they were placed in a combination drench.
  • STARTECT on the other hand, contains derquantel, a truly novel class of anthelmintic that's never been seen before. It is the combination of derquantel with abamectin that makes STARTECT unique - and deadly to internal parasites.
  • Efficacy of STARTECT against a broad range of gastrointestinal and respiratory nematodes of sheep was established in a number of studies conducted globally and in New Zealand.
  • STARTECT achieved consistently high efficacy (>99%) against adult, immature, and hypobiotic L4 larval stages of a broad range of susceptible and resistant strains of economically important gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep.
  • This powerful combination drench offers a high level of efficacy in killing worms-including those resistant to benzimidazole (BZ), levamisole (LEV), macrocyclic lactones (ML), closantel and combinations of these.

The future of worm control starts here.