• "The mob I'd treated with Startect was ready to go to slaughter at 30 days," Porter says.

    "They weren't fat, they were meat, and even the wool was glowing and clean. They were super healthy strong lambs and ended up 2kg heavier in carcass weight." $6/kg was achieved on this line returning an extra $12 per lamb gross for the Startect treated group. Porter says "it was the best result he had with finishing lambs in the five years he's been at Uralla."

    Mark Porter, Raglan
  • "To be honest, we were rapt with how it went. The lambs were cleaner, there were hardly any dags, compared to last year when I think every second one was daggy."

    "Life is a hell of a lot easier. We don't have those lambs sucking up pasture, and every day you lose pasture it is just that much harder to grow it back again as you move through the season."

    "Startect is a dearer drench, but the results we have had with it more than make up for that. It will definitely continue to be part of our drench programme from here on."

    Nigel Watson, Wanganui
  • "I really wanted to be able to get the jump on everyone else and get them away quicker."

    "We are getting them to target weight faster and are about a month ahead of our usual killing schedule."

    "Startect has helped that and I would be sticking with using it for our lambs in the future."

    Scott Armstrong, Central Otago

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