Want a tailored Drench Plan for your farm?

At Zoetis, we're able to tailor a simple to follow parasite management programme, or Drench Plan for your farm. It details the number and type of drenches each stock class requires to help maximise worm parasite management, limit drench resistance and optimise production efficiency on your farm.

The Drench Plan utilises best drench management practices, which may include recommending non-Zoetis product. This ensures drench sustainability in an effort to minimise the development of drench resistance.

At the same time, we can add in stock management activities such as docking, or other health related stock treatments such as vaccines.

What does the Drench Plan involve?

It involves a consultation between you and one of our experienced and knowledgeable Zoetis staff. Often it's done in conjunction with whomever you purchase your product from, for example, your Veterinarian or local Rural Retailer's Technical Representative.

During the consultation, we'll discuss your farming operation, stock classes and the type of drench treatment that would best suit your stock and your farm. The consultation takes around 40 minutes.

At the end of the consultation, we'll leave you with a printed copy of your tailored Drench Plan and we'll also email you and your preferred animal health provider.

What does it cost?

There is no cost involved. Similarly, you're under no obligation to instigate the Drench Plan. The only thing you'll need to invest is about 40 minutes of your time.

Contact your local Zoetis Livestock Veterinary Area Manager to arrange your drench plan consultation.

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