Discover STARTECT® (Derquantel+Abamectin) and Zoetis by exploring references and additional sheep and livestock products from Zoetis.


Field efficacy and safety of an oral formulation of the novel combination anthelmintic, derquantel-abamectin, in sheep in New Zealand (Little PR, Hodges A, Watson TG, Seed JA, Maeder SJ New Zealand Veterinary Journal, Volume 58, Issue 3, pp 121-129 Jun 2010)

Anthelmintic resistance reported in NZ   Pomroy et al., 1992; Sutherland et al., 2002; Hughes et al., 2005; Wrigley et al., 2006; Hughes et al., 2007; Sutherland et al., 2008).

NZ anthelmintic resistance in NZ survey  (Waghorn et al., 2006).

Anthelmintic resistance cost in NZ   Leathwick (2004)

Value of combination delaying anthelmintic resistance    (Anderson et al., 1988; McKenna, 1990; Smith, 1990; Anderson et al., 1991; Coles and Roush, 1992; Barnes et al., 1995; Leathwick et al., 2009).

Use combo when resistance is very low best opportunity to delay emergence (Dobson et al., 2001; Leathwick et al., 2009).

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