Advanced Science

An Entirely New Class of Anthelmintic.


STARTECT® contains derquantel, the first commercial entry from the new spiroindole (SI) class of anthelmintics.  Derquantel has a different mode of action compared with other anthelmintics available on the market today.

Derquantel acts as a "channel blocker" to cause flaccid paralysis in worms. It also acts on different binding sites than other drench classes, blocking the ion channels and relaxing worm nerves and muscles. This allows derquantel to be effective against worms resistant to other classes of anthelmintics and combinations.

STARTECT also contains abamectin, a member of the macrocyclic lactones (ML) class of anthelmintics. Abamectin is effective against parasites that are sensitive to avermectins/milbemycins, and resistant to other classes of drench.

Because STARTECT is a combination of these two powerful anthelmintics, it is effective against worms that are susceptible to either derquantel or abamectin-in other words, virtually every worm.

The future of worm control starts here.